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Christmas Gift Basket 2

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Stapleton Candles.
Turn around time 3-5 business days

Comes in 1 size:
Squat - burn time 45hours, holds 260gms fragranced soy wax.
Tall - burn time 60hours, holds 380gms fragranced soy wax.

Also included are two melts, and 4 pods.

These come pre- made.

Candle Pack -
Giftset 1 - Vamp Rogue / Narcissist
Giftset 2 - Black Raspberry & Vanilla / Perfect Man
Giftset 3 - Daisy / Class and Sass
Giftset 4 - Narcissist / Wild Musk Type

These products will leave your house smelling amazing!!

Soy wax, fragrance oil
Please ensure these products are used correctly and not unsupervised with children.
Trim your wick after every use, or before lighting.
Do not burn longer than 4 hours at a time. 
Relight when candle has cooled down.

Candles are to be adult height level and out of reach out of children’s reach.

Kommon Scents will not accept liability for misuse of this item!